University of Yamanashi Professor Emeritus visits and lectures at IWHR’s Global Vision Forum


On June 14, 2018, Kuniyoshi Takeuchi, one of IWHR’s honorary professors, and University of Yamanashi Professor Emeritus, visited IWHR. He was warmly received by IWHR President Kuang Shangfu, and lectured at the institute’s Global Vision Forum, a platform to invite world renowned scholars and researchers to give academic reports, on water-related disaster management.

Dr. Kuang thanked Prof. Takeuchi for visiting IWHR and giving lecture once again, saying that, as an old friend and honorary professor of the Chinese research institute, Porf. Takeuchi has made outstanding contributions in many aspects, including giving excellent academic reports, providing support and help to IWHR on international water-related platforms, inviting IWHR researchers for exchange and training, etc. Dr. Kuang spoke highly of the visiting Japanese professor on his achievement in flood forecasting and warning, as well as disaster risk management, and said he looked forward to further cooperation and exchange with Prof. Takeuchi in the future.

Prof. Takeuchi thanked IWHR’s hospitality and reviewed the in-depth cooperation with IWHR in the field of flood control and disaster mitigation in recent years. He believed China, which has made tremendous achievements in water-related disaster mitigation, will be leading the development of water sciences and technologies, and so he expected more exchange and sharing between China and the other countries and more joint contributions to the progress of water science in the future.

After the meeting, Prof. Takeuchi gave a lecture at IWHR’s Global Vision Forum, introducing the management system, implementation mechanism, multi-disciplinary and cross-sectoral methods, new counter-measure concepts and practices in Japan to respond to water disasters. Successful cases of multi-disciplinary coordination mechanism, which has been applied in Japan, Nepal and other countries, were introduced to vividly showcase the necessity and advantage of multi-stakeholder participation in water disaster response and rescue.

Discussions followed on topics of the establishment and enforcement of water-related legal system, conflict handling, improvement of efficiency in cross-sectoral policy-making, etc.

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