Session 11: Changing environment and risk management


Flood disaste is one of the global natural disasters with the highest frequence and most serious economic loss. It has become the important topic facing all countries in the world to enhance integrated flood risk management and reduce flood-induced damages. Flood disaster is particularly severe in China. With generations of efforts, China has made remarkable achievement in flood control and disaster mitigation. To share the latest achievement and experience in China and abroad alike, and be better adapted to impact of flood upon human society, IWHR will hold the International Forum on Flood Management on the morning of October 19. Officials from China's Ministry of Water Resources and the local governments as well, and domestic and foreign experts and scholars will be invited to share their innovative concepts and practical experience in flood management.

    - Ministry of Water Resources, People's Republic of China
    - Ministry of Emergency Management, People's Republic of China

    - China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research

    - Engineering and Technical Research Center for Flood Control and Drought Relief
    - Permanent Secretariat of International Conference on Flood Management
    - Technical Committee on Disaster Mitigation, CHES
    - Technical Committee on Water Risk Management, CHES
    - Technical Committee on Urban Water Resources Management, CHES
    - Technical Committee on Remote Sensing, CHES
    - Technical Committee on Water History, CHES
    - China Flood and Drought Management (a journal)

    - Integrated flood risk management in new era
    - Real-time joint operation of basin-wide flood control
    - Flood forecast and warning of small and medium rivers
    - Monitoring and warning of flashflood disasters
    - Climate change and urban stormwater management
    - Public participation of flood control and disaster mitigation

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