Session 7: International Symposium on River Chief System -- Sharing the Chinese Experience


To fully implement the River Chief System is the important deployment of the central government that aims at building ecological civilization, and the critical innovation for improving water governance system and safeguarding national water security. Under the leadership of China's Ministry of Water Resources, the River Chief System has been successfully implemented. The results are outstanding, and important phased achievements have been reaped.

In order to share the innovative achievements and the latest progress of the practice, sum up the experience and inspire the future, the International Symposium on River Chief System -- Sharing the Chinese Experiences will be held on the morning of October 17 to share the institutional innovation of the River Chief System and exploration of practice.


    - Ministry of Water Resources, People's Republic of China

    - China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research
    - Development Research Center of the Ministry of Water Resources of P. R. China

    - Overall development of the River Chief System in China
    - Scientific and technological supports to the River Chief System
    - Single reservoir operation and multi-reservoir joint operation
    - Practices and experience of local river chiefs
    - International cases of river and lake management

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