Session 4: 10th China-Japan-Korea Academic Symposium (in Zhengzhou)


The China-Japan-Korea Academic Symposium is a regular exchange mechanism among Chinese National Committee on Large Dams, Japanese National Committee on Large Dams, and Korean National Committee on Large Dams, and is held in the East Asia. The 10th China-Japan-Korea Academic Symposium will be convened in Zhengzhou during October 15-16, 2018 to promote exchange and cooperation in dam engineering among the three countries as well as the networking among the national committees of International Commission on Large Dams in the Asia and Pacific region. During this event, experts and scholars from China, Japan, Korea and other Asian and Pacific countries will gather to share the latest technical progress in the fields of dam engineering, hydropower and water resources development.


    - Chinese National Committee on Large Dams
    - China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research

    - Intelligent construction and management of water and hydropower projects
    - Underwater detection, repair and reinforcement
    - Construction and operation of pumped-storage power plant

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