Plenary Session: Forum on Modern Water Governance and Technological Innovation


On the occasion of IWHR’s 60th Anniversary, an international forum will be held to invite distinguished guests from home and abroad to make keynote reports, exchange wisdom and experience of development, share knowledge and technical achievement, and promote the application of both new concepts and technologies. Presidents and chairs of a dozen international water-related organizations, including World Water Council, will attend the forum. In addition to keynote reports, a bunch of awards, including the Outstanding Contribution Award, Excellent Achievement Award, and International Cooperation Award, will be given to encourage innovation and invention, showcase organizational culture, and inherit the IWHR motto of “Innovation, Practicality, Devotion and Dedication”. IWHR forges ahead with courage, making colorful and fruitful history in the past six decades. Based on the historical heritage, IWHR is now prepared to walk into a new era, start a new journey and write a new chapter.

On the afternoon of October 18, parallel sessions will be held to continue the exchange around the topics of modern water governance and technological innovation. 


    - China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research
    - State Key Laboratory of Simulation and Regulation of Water Cycle in River Basin

    - New progress of integrated water resources management
    - Nature-based solution for water ecological protection and restoration
    - Modern information technology and smart water resources management
    - Water-energy-food nexus

    - Presidents and chairs of a dozen international organizations
    - Academicians from Chinese Academy of Engineering and Chinese Academy of Sciences
    - Renown experts from home and abroad
    - Governmental officials

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