Session 9: Belt and Road World Youth Symposium


Global Water Partnership is an inter-governmental international organization that is open to all water managing institutions. It has 13 regional and 87 country partnerships with partner organizations in 183 countries. To adapt to the global development trends and train international interdisciplinary talents, the “Belt and Road” World Youth Forum will be held on the morning of October 19, 2018 jointly by Global Water Partnership and IWHR to raise the cognition and sense of responsibility of the youth on water and establish an exchange platform featuring diverse cultures, inter-disciplines, freedom and democracy, and humanity for the youth from countries along the “Belt and Road”. Young representatives from relevant regions or countries are invited to this event to exchange and share with their Chinese counterparts.


    - China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research
    - Global Water Partnership

    - Tsinghua University
    - China Water & Power Press

    - The 12 Regional Water Partnerships
    - Shenzhen Committee of the Communist Young League
    - UNESCO

    - Catalytic effect of the “Belt and Road” initiative
    - Existing crisis and future challenge of water security
    - Future of “Belt and Road” initiative and the role of the youth

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